About «Stolle»

Dear Guests!

Thank you for choosing «Stolle» Pie Shops. The company «Stolle» was founded in 2002 and has an established reputation for making the best pies. We have tried to recreate both the atmosphere and the taste of pies from the beginning of the twentieth century.

The growth of the «Stolle» Pie Shop network started in late 2002 with the openning of a cozy little restaurant on the first line of Vasilevsky Island, near the historic location of the German settlements near the eastern end of Vasilevsky Island. With the opening of two cafes in Moscow and one in Yekaterinburg the «Stolle» Pie Shop network became national.

The name for our chain of pie shops comes from the last name of the great grandmother of a founder of the business, Alexander Bordiug—«Stolle», which resonates nicely with the name of the traditional German (Saxon) Christmas Cake Stollen. The founders of the company also liked the idea of the name because the very idea of «delicous pie» is so often associated with another image associated with the idea of highest quality: Gramma.

The «Stolle» Pie Shop Format. «Stolle» Pie Shops is a network of cafe offereing full sized Russian Pies. In Russian the full sized Pie, «Pirog», in contrast to its more humble "little brother" pie, «pirozhok», is a serious dish requiring careful attention to a complex process.

The Interiors. «Stolle» Pie Shop interiors echo interiors from the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Our interiors feature oak flooring, doors of solid wood, cast brass chandeliers, leather sofas, and natural tone color schemes. Melodious music and the aroma of freshly baked pies fill our cafes with a spirit of home and hospitality.

The Concept. The main objective of «Stolle» is to build a network of pie shops which answer a creative urge of the people of Russia. The pies we bake, baked according to time-tested old Russian recipes, serve as the standard against which all others compare. «Stolle» Pie Shops is our tribute of respect to the great traditions of Russia and all the people who live and work in this great country.

We hope you will think of us for the holidays, and when ordering pies for any festive occassion. Please drop by on the weekend or during the week for a cup of tea or coffee and a warm and fragrant pie. Or just buy or order your favorite pie when you're expecting guests at home.

You are always welcome at «Stolle»!

With Kind Regards, Alexander Bordyug, Managing Director «Stolle» Pie Shops